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Created in Paris in 2001, "Art Construit International" is an association of 19 artists from 7 different countries. The ACI group is dedicated to the promotion of the geometric art in his various variations with exhibitions in Europe and Latin America.

Geoform is an online scholarly resource and curatorial project whose focus is the use of geometric form and structure in contemporary abstract art being made by artists from around the world.

Santiago Torres is a young and talented Venezuelian artist living in Paris. Renewing the cinetic legacy, his work focuses on interactive and cybernetic pieces, through the use of new technologies. Since 2010, he works with the prestigious Denise René gallery.

Ania Borzobohaty is a French-Polish artist working between Paris and Caracas. Her geometric sculptures fragments and refines the space, playing with the shape, the colors and the volumes. Her holographic sculptures, meanwhile, are virtual structures constantly changing.

Jaildo Marinho is a Brazilian artist working and living in Paris since 1993. He is one of the fondator of the "Museu Madi" in Brazil. Marinho develops a work that obeys to the formal principle of constructivism. Its primary goal is to "achieve pure forms by means of geometry."

Fabrice Ainaut is a french artist working near Paris. His work is built in the spirit of cinetic visual possibilities still unnoticed. Student of Carmelo Arden Quin and Julio Le Parc, his research mix the robotics and the lights in a very photogenic way.

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